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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

How to Play:

If you are looking for the RetroQuest TLP client files and patcher CLICK HERE

Create an EQEMU account: Step 1: Register here

Step 2: Create a login server account:

Download the required files:

Everquest ROF2 Client Files: EverQuest ROF2 Client IxiQuest Patcher: IxiQuest Patcher

Install the files

Download the ROF2 client files and extract them to a location on your PC.

Download the IxiQuest Patcher client. Place the patcher client in the EverQuest ROF2 directory (same directory as eqgame.exe). Create a shortcut of the IxiQuest_Patcher.exe file to your desktop.

Launch the shortcut

Login with your login server account

Locate the game server on the EQEmu server list and click 'PLAY EVERQUEST' IxiQuest - Velious, 2 Box (

For help logging in visit our discord: Game Soundtrack:

Advanced help for operating systems older than Windows 10: For the patcher to work correctly you may need to install .net 4.5 and Windows Framework 4.0. .Net 4.5: Windows Framework 4.0:

If you get this error:

If you get this error:

Manual Patching (Works best if you use the Ixi Client) These go in the root directory with eqgame.exe

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