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Change Log

These is a small snippet copy of the server changes found in the discord #change-log channel.



Removing Ancient: Greater Concussion and Legacy of Blades from loot tables
Add: Nanostone gem exchange system: 5 gems = 5 Tarnished Platinum Coins. 5 Tarnished Platinum Coins = 1 Diamond Coin AA currency. Altered Gems will be sold which can be turned into Misty (with the required components) for a Nanostone.
Add: Tuyen's Chant of Disease and Tuyen's Chant of Poison to Researcher NPC's
Made adjustments to Kerafyrm's loot
Slightly upped Funny Money drop rate
Adjusted Necro Spell Ancient: Legacy of Zek added power levels
Adjusted Beastlord Spell Ancient: Spirit of Arag added power levels
Weapon Nanostones no longer lore
Boondoggle will now be indifferent
New ornament IxiQuest Jagged Timeforged Blade
Necro Spell Rest the Dead will work up to mobs level 52
Adjusted the rate of Group and Raid leadership acquisition
Occasionally Lucky Chests will spawn in random places in the hub after a server reboot
Orb of Mastery will have 3 charges instead of 1
Rude Monk will be making an appearance for a limited time after recovering from a massive hangover.


Added 2 more levels of AA Battle Ready
Increased Funny Money drop rate
Ancient Tomes, Maybe Fixed


Funny money drop rate slightly upped
Funny money event and rewards tweaked
Nanostone of Throwing now available to discover
IxiQuest Ornamention Ball of Sunlight
Spawn rate of tainted seafury adjusted
Kerafyrm sleeper's event is now live and available to attempt


New Ancient Spell and Tome Drops:

BRD: 'Ancient: Song: Jonathon's Mightful Caretaker' | Improved Melee DPS  
BST: 'Ancient: Spirit of Arag' | Improved pet level  
BST: 'Ancient: Sorpion Venom' | Improved DoT  
RNG: 'Ancient: Strength of Tunare' | Single target HP/ATTK  
RNG: 'Ancient: Monocle of the Sniper' | Minor Mana Regen  
SK: 'Ancient: Shroud of Chaos' | Melee Proc Buff  
SK: 'Ancient: Aura of Darkness' | Lifetap  
PAL: 'Ancient: Mist of the Crusader' | AC, Mana Regen, HP Buff  
PAL: 'Ancient: Light of Nife' | Healing  
WAR: 'Ancient: Whirlwind Blade' | PBAE, multi target aggro  
ROG: 'Ancient: Thief's Eyes' | Accuracy Buff  
MNK: 'Ancient: Speed Focus Discipline' | Increased self-haste  
BER: 'Ancient: Rage Volley' | Rage Volley Improvement  
CLR: 'Ancient: Supernatural Remedy' | Quick Heal  
SHM: 'Ancient: Tnarg's Mending' | Improved Heal  
DRU: 'Ancient: Misty's Renewal' | Improved Heal  
NEC: 'Ancient: Legacy of Zek' | Improved Pet  
MAG: 'Ancient: Blade of Walnan' | Summoned weapons for pets  
MAG: 'Ancient: Shock of Sunbeam' | Direct Damage Nuke  
Wiz: 'Ancient: Lure of Ro' | Lure Spell  
ENC: 'Ancient: Arcane Rune' | Self only Rune spell  

Will drop off these mobs:

Vulak Aerr - (templeveeshan)
Aten Ha Ra - (vexthal)
Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra - (vexthal)
Thall Va Kelun - (vexthal)
Va Xi Aten Ha Ra - (vexthal)
Diabo Xi Va Temariel - (vexthal)
Thall Xundraux Diabo - (vexthal)
Diabo Xi Xin Thall - (vexthal)
Diabo Xi Va - (vexthal)
Diabo Xi Xin - (vexthal)
Aten HaRa - (vexthal)
Lord InquisitorSeru - (sseru)
Emperor Ssraeshza - (ssratemple)
Jaled Dar - (necropolis)
Bristlebane the King of Thieves - (mischiefplane)

New Nanostone of Poke (2hp)

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