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RetroQuest TLP Client and Patcher

For those familiar with EQEMU servers just download from the buttons below, if you are a beginner or need help skip this.


works on most systems

More features but doesn't work on all systems.

Beginner Install

Follow each step to register your account and install the client.

EQEMU account

Create an EQEMU Account by registering here


Create a login server account:

Download Files

RetroQuest TLP ROF2 Client Files: RETROQUEST ROF2 Client
RetroQuest TLP Patcher


Extract the RetroQuest client files on your PC to the C:\RetroQuest location
The patcher executable RETRO_PATCHER.EXE is located in the RETROQUEST fOLDER.
Right click the patcher EXECUTABLE file and select create shortcut to desktop.
Use the desktop shortcut to launch the patcher.
Click Patch and then click Play.

Locate the

Locate the "RetroQuest" game server on the EQEmu server list and click 'PLAY EVERQUEST'


For troubleshooting tips click here or visit our Discord channel.

Manual Install
manually download these files and add them to the root directory

Extract and place all these files in the root directory of RetroQuest:

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