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The Original IxiQuest

IxiQuest is an emulated EverQuest server with a focus on community, sharing and collaboration. IxiQuest targets casual players and attempts to discourage time consuming or otherwise un-fun attributes of the original game.
Classic to Velious unlocked
Casual friendly EXP curve
No spell research
Pre-nerf drops, such as Manastone and Guise.
Devs that care about the server
Community that cares about each other
Quality of life enhancements
Custom encounters and events
Various new custom items
Revamped zones back to classic state
No new Freeport
Classes re-examined and balanced to be desirable in groups and raids.
Trade spells you don't need for ones you do.
Zero tolerance for bots and cheaters.

2 boxes per user concurrently
Be friendly to your co-players
No obscene profanity in open channels

Be courteous of other players camps and leveling areas
Use common sense
No MacroQuest or ShowEQ, etc. allowed
GINA and DPS parsing applications are OK!

IxiQuest uses a slightly customized RoF2 client with old zone files enabled. It is highly recommended you use the downloadable client found here or on the RetroQuest client page. Use the included patcher to keep your client files up-to-date.
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